Ideas for Making the GCSE Physics Required Practicals Inclusive – Waves

Inclusion tips are summarised in the Institute of Physics  (IOP) 10 Tips for Teachers – Download it as a pdf  here

The required practicals allow us opportunities to relate science to their everyday life in terms of giving a context to the practicals as well as the roles of scientists and potential careers.

Many of these ideas are stolen from my colleagues at the IOP in particular Nicky Thomas @NickyThomas1


Why do scientists need to know the properties of waves? What types of jobs do people do who need to know about waves?

You are a seismologist working to find the epicentre of an earthquake that originated in the Pacific Ocean. What do you need to know?

Alternatively: You are an environmental campaigner trying to measure the effects of Fracking on the local area / You are employed by the Fracking company to show how little effect your activities are having on local housing .  You can use smartphones as seismometers as part of a Citizen Science Network

You are a zoo vet asked to find out if one of the hippos is pregnant. What do you need to do? Scanning a pygmy hippo

You are a Glastonbury Festival sound engineer. What checks do you need to do before the main performances ? Festival Sound   or classical Setting up a stage

You are a guitar manufacturer trying to make a smaller travel guitar that sounds as good as a full size one. What do you need to understand?

You are a surf forecaster for surfing competitions. What do you need to know about waves? See the often very optimistic (in the UK) Magic Seaweed

You are an environmentalist responsible for  checking the sustainability of fish stocks.  How can you use sonar to help you. Alternatively you are a marine biologist investigating how shipping noises affect dolphins. What do you need to know?

You are a physicist asked by an angling company to improve the design of their fish finder


Density coming soon !

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