iPads in Science – Transforming learning?

A brief overview of how I have been using iPads to transform science lessons . Using the SAMR model I am really only interested in redefinition. Using the iPad to do things I cannot do without them.

Wordfoto – here  a great app for literacy – create the image from the key words


Slopro  – here 

An app that turns your device into a high speed 1000fps video camera. This allows us to see things happening that we cannot see without them.

A perfect example of this is a lesson at Leicester City College I did with the talented Tom Harbour (who came through Teach First and is a glowing testament to the programme)

The principles follow Dan Meyer’s 3 Act science which I have blogged about here and the science element here.

Students were shown the cup and the key experiment. A key and a cup are tied to opposite ends of a string about 1 metre long. The string is then hung over a pencil and the key held horizontally – See the video below.

The students were asked what questions it made them think of? and from Tom “What would happen if ….?”

Note: the fabulous app Socrative  here would be perfect for collecting student’s questions and thoughts

Unfortunately having filmed in slopro we didnt have enough time for the analysis so I have done it using

Coach’s Eye here Primarily designed as a sports analysis app, it is also ideal for analysis of forces.

This allows you to annotate the video and provide a commentary as you do so

(It has to be said that the position of the arrows on the video are slightly unfortunate ! )

iMovie then allows videos to be combined and becomes the app that brings everything together

Showbie  here is a fabulous app that allows work to be set , seen and marked online and instantly with a range of different ways of communicating via voice, photo, video and pdf documents

View the class (and see what work they have done )
They can contribute or you can mark in 6 ways
A photo of their electric motor (Hmmm!)
An annotated video of their work

Please feel free to add or comment on these ideas

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