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CPD - For not much more than sending someone on a course you can have a bespoke package that can include Neil teaching an observed  lesson in your school - All with a satisfaction, or your money back guarantee.  Please contact me about keynote speeches and student revision sessions (Small or large groups)

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All my courses have the features that make CPD truly effective?

  • It targets the specific needs of a group of learners
  • It is collaborative, so involves other colleagues, schools or experts
  • It is sustainable and leads to new habits being embedded
  • There is time built in for evaluation and modification, based on the measured impact on learning
  • It challenges current beliefs and assumptions and is supported by evidence
  • It is supported and driven by leadership teams. I hold in depth conversations before delivery to ensure I support the ethos and direction of the school.

What courses do I offer? The below list is by no means exhaustive. As someone who still teaches regularly around the globe  these are realistic, practical hands on courses.


Whole School Courses

  • Creating Better Learners - There are so many courses on making teachers better, but what about your learners - are they independent thinkers capable of solving problems themselves?
  • Closing the gap - improving the performance of the lower and mid abilities with strategies proven to work
  • Behaviour - Reducing low level disruption
  • Behaviour Masterclass - Ask other trainers when they last taught a lesson ! I have taught some of the toughest classes on the planet. Learn my techniques
  • Assessment for Learning - Done well it transforms learning - done badly it's an onerous waste of time. Learn quick practical techniques with and without technology
  • Effective Pastoral Leadership and Teams - Supporting learners effectively

Technology Courses - Not just a load of apps ! It's about learning!

  • Technology that transforms learning - Technology as it should be - used as a tool to do things you can't do without it. Nothing flashy or gimmicky here - simply the whole focus on improving learning (IOS, Android or laptops)
  • Technology with only a single device - Your students don't have access to technology in your classroom? You won't believe how much difference you can make with only a single device (IOS or Android)

Science Courses

  • Physics for non - specialists : Physics demystified in a day. Learn to love it and teaching it
  • Better learning in Science - A researched based very practical course on improving understanding and performance in Science
  • Three Act Science - A radical new approach that creates curiosity, engagement and learning
  • Preparation for Ks5 Science - Too many of our students struggle and fail to make a successful transition to A Level. This course looks at why and what we can do about it.
  • A Level Physics convention - Sharing best practice and advice for the curriculum changes
  • Technology in Science- Ways of enhancing learning through technology that really make a difference.

Maths Courses

  • Mechanics for Maths Teachers - Teach mechanics for understanding rather than as a set of processes. Simple and cheap experiments and strategies to transform the learning experience
  • Technology in Maths - What can you do with technology to enhance learning that you cant do without?

Courses for Students 

  • Study Skills - Student workshops on how to study and learn more effectively
  • Parents and Students - Learning how to learn (and how parents can support their children)
  • Physics Demystified - Parents and children of all ages (well over 8!)

Primary Courses

(Note: Most of the other  courses listed can also be done at Primary Level)

  • Primary Science - Become more confident and teach more effective lessons. See blog here
  • Primary Technology -  A course specifically for the needs of primary teachers

PE Courses

  • A Level PE taught as a scientist - Demystifying the concepts that can cause our students (and ourselves) lots of problems
  • Technology in PE - Truly transform PE, keep the best of what you already do and enhance learning massively with technology
  • The Physics of Football - Learning how football really works
  • The Science of Surfing - Physics taught through a very engaging activity - Weather dependent!

Just some of the schools I have worked with

  • Rugby School
  • RGS Worcester
  • Latimer and Godolphin
  • Bristol Grammar School
  • Berlin Metropolitan School
  • International School of Monaco
  • British School of Belgium, Seoul, Cairo, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur
  • The BSME - Bahrain and Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai English Speaking College
  • Harrow School Bangkok
  • Lanna School Chiang Mai
  • British School Jakarta
  • British School The Hague
  • British School of Belgium
  • NAASA - Adelaide
  • British School  Seoul
  • Alice Smith - Kuala Lumpur
  • The Green School Bali
  • British Council - Portugal and Malaysia
  • Selangor Dept of Education
  • Hamilton College - Glasgow
  • ISHRAQ - Jordan
  • Karachi Grammar School
  • East Adelaide Primary School
  • Harrow School Bangkok
  • Premier Academy Nairobi
  • Leysin American School 
  • Aiglon College Switzerland

Also a huge number of state schools in primary and secondary


Models of CPD

Most current models of CPD dont go anywhere near being transformative or sustainable.

I propose a different model that delivers courses in schools with places sold to subsidise the training with your school acting as a 'hub' school in partnership with the trainer. Selling places on the course to recycle money within education

One possible model is to have three sessions across the year;

Session 1: An introduction to the main concepts led by the expert (or experts) . So for example all the ideas for a BYOD revolution that transform learning. Delegates then choose a few to implement that they feel will be most effective. A 'Gap Task' is then set and online support and discussions are enabled

Session 2 : Evaluation and ideas sharing. Again led by the expert/s . What actually worked? How do we know it worked? What were the elements that made it successful?

Session 3 : At this point the expert should be heading for redundancy. The ideas should have been embedded into classroom practice with models of success shared with others. This seems particularly important with technology and BYOD courses. An online community will have been created to facilitate further support.

This model can be modified in many ways to meet your needs. It is usually delivered in schools to make it ethical as well as very efficient financially.

I am happy to teach observed demonstration lessons so these people can see the ideas being implemented.  I also far prefer to have taught lessons in your school so I can assess your learners. Having taught in hundreds of schools across the world. I am always struck by how similar the teachers are, but often how different the students.  If you want effective CPD, the expert is nothing without an understanding of the context. One size does not fit all.


Please contact me for bespoke courses that meet your training needs. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed. With over 500 endorsements on LinkedIn , over 4000 twitter followers  (and on @teachertoolkits 101 educators to follow list here and over 150,000 blog views in 190 different countries.  

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