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There are some truly superb bloggers out there with some brilliant ideas that are subject specific. This is just a starting point that will be updated regularly

Generic Ideas


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Thunk is a beguilingly simple-looking question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks and helps you start to look at the world in a whole new light. here


Beat the Text

Costs £2.50 , but using this link you can get the first one for free to a single mobile number. See if  your students can answer a question before the text comes back.



Getting people thinking about thinking

Slideshare from David Didau @learningspy here

meta stuff


100 word challenge is a brilliant concept that can be used for homework, cross curricular projects etc. The premise is that the students are not just writing for the teacher, they are writing for a greater audience. You can find it here



John Sayers has a great blog on Case Studies here 


Russell Tarr (as in Mr Gove’s Mister Man) has some superb resources here

Great Research 

John Hattie

Hattie’s Research is possibly the most influential in all of education . You can find the main bodies of  his research on his website here . This also includes links to the Visible Learning project. The work of Carol Dweck and the growth mindset is also on the same site

Desirable Difficulties and Interleaving 

The work by Robert Bjork gives an alternative view to the established wisdom of education

You can find out more about the research here

Spaced Learning

Radical ideas from Monkseaton School here which uses learning spaced with other activities  -make up your own mind !

Kids Teaching Themselves – Hole in the Wall project

The hole in the wall project by Sugata Mitra where children with no prior experience of technology learned how to use computers and then taught others

Sugata Mitra: Kids can teach themselves

SOLO Taxonomy

Great Posts by @leading learner here that outline SOLO in practice

or my blog here

Performance vs Learning

Alfie Kohn  has a compelling rant here

Robert Bjork here

My blog on higher achievers here

3 Act Maths 

See the awesome Dan Meyer’s work here

Flipping lessons

An infographic here

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